These are the most frequently asked questions on the site. If your question is not already here then please feel free to contact me.

Why is it 129 bring them home

This is the age people used to joke about when I would eventually get home and stop working in my old job. Mean but probably true.

Why did you start the blog?

I started the blog purely for personal reasons initially to ensure I kept up with my investing, financials and business achievements. But since I’ve started it I want to help people get out of sh*t jobs themselves! I think people think they have to have a “job” but nowadays that is simply not the case. There are people just making videos on youtube that earn over $1,000,000 a year. There are also people who just take pictures of themselves and make good money too, so there is literally so much you can do other than just have a J.O.B. – Which for the record stands for Just Over Broke.

Where are you currently based?

I am currently in the UK but I am going back to live in Pittsburgh for a year in 2017.