talents-into-businessLast Updated 2nd January 2017: Have you ever thought how easy it would be to have a business where all you have to do is be yourself? Well there isn’t.

Sorry to drop that bombshell but it doesn’t exist.

But what does exist is providing a service or product that already encapsulates all of your talents and qualities. This is advantageous for a number of reasons, including; You are already knowledgeable about the subject you are talking about, you will be more passionate about it if you enjoy what you do, and finally you will actually be better at it! Which means more people will purchase it or pay you in the long run and you will grow your business alot quicker than if you simply came up with something that you didn’t care about but just wanted to make money from.

Well hope that clears that up!

But seriously there is no reason why in 2016 that you can’t make a business that you love working in and displays the exact talents you have from other areas in life. Let’s say you are a great footballer, not good enough to go pro but you want to try and earn money from what you do. Well you have 10 options right out the door. You can become a sports blogger, professional sports journalist, college coach, football motivational speaker, and tons of other options. There are now people earning through Youtube for creating videos (content) on absolutely everything. If your passion is cooking and people can feel your passion through the screen, they will probably watch and share your videos. This goes for everything.

“Real” World Applications

HQ SEO LogoI hate writing that subtitle as you can make money through youtube, blogging, anything nowadays, but let’s say you don’t want to go down the content creation route but you still want to utilise your talents. Well there is someone I meet in Pittsburgh about 5 years ago who I had this conversation with. His name is Tom and he said he owned an seo company in Cardiff (United Kingdom) called HQ SEO. I said that’s great, what’s the relevance to our conversation?

He said something along the lines of the following. I am paraphrasing but its something like this.

talentI’m just good at testing. Back-testing, learning how algorithms work. I first made my money doing a lot of trading, following market trends but then decided this wasn’t really for me. I wanted to still be in business not just behind a screen all day. So I decided to see if I could rank something in Google (my name) and I couldn’t. So I tested things. I read books, I read blog posts. Decided on new strategies and at the end of about 6 months I was ranking. But the issue was I had done so much I didn’t know what worked or what didn’t.

Which brings me back to my original point. This is when I learnt the importance of data and testing theories. I now test everything and track everything. There is nothing worse than doing something successfully but then not knowing what coursed that successful outcome to happen. As a result I wanted to track and test daily. So that’s what I did. Fast forward 3 years and he’s 23, self employed and making good money doing what he is talented at.

Loop DetectorsAnother story I want to share is from a businessman that I have a lot of respect for. He now works in the security industry in the UK specialising in Loop detectors for major businesses and authorities (major being over 100 million in turnover per year.) As a result I wanted to give him a special mention, he initially started in something that was less than sexy, that was toys… Not fun toys either but the light-up tacky ones you see on Halloween and bonfire night! Those are the ones that have great margins.. They just don’t look so good.

Anyway without getting too in-depth, he single handedly solved a theft using his knowledge of securities. He is one of the greatest minds I know when it comes to solving issues and problem handling and saved that company that we both worked for in a lower level at the time, close to £100,000 in stock. That’s a lot of units of flashy toys! But anyway if you have the ability and motivation to learn something that isn’t directly related to your business, but may be in the future (his entire business is now in that industry) it can pay off very very well in the future!

Hopefully you will agree that you should do the same thing!