timeI was good at my old job, heck I’d even go as far to say I enjoyed it. I liked the people I worked with, but there was just something missing. Something that I initially thought was a “purpose” but I now realise was just freedom. Freedom to do the things I wanted to do, but more importantly when I wanted to do them.

Like most people I think I always wanted to be my own boss and earn 7-8-9 figures a year. But that didn’t appeal to me as much as being able to have the freedom to do what I wanted to do, when I wanted to do it. And that’s why I handed in my notice for my old job on 15th February 2006…. A sleepy Wednesday if I remember correctly.

But why am I telling you guys all this?

Well in my opinion this is when the first day of the rest of your life starts. There is a really good video I like on the subject that I’ve embed below. You can still watch this without sound if you want too. I recommend not only watching this but also taking in the message. If you are doing something for the majority of your life that you don’t want to do – That is seriously going to be bad for you! Watch below.

The overall message is what? Time is precious!!

But anyway back to my original point.

Your Life Starts – When you Quit Your Job

Bold statement but let me explain what I mean in more detail.

happyWhen you quit your job you have nothing, well nothing but one thing – MORE TIME. now what you do with this time will be the determining factor of how happy you will be. Spend your time dreaming about your ambitions and goals, but don’t actually work towards them and guess what? – You will be unhappy. I almost guarantee it.

At the same time if you work 80 hours a week but it is towards something that you care about more than anything in the world. You will be happy (and also you will most likely be successful.) It’s as Shawn Achor said in the Happiness Advantage – Success does not proceed happiness. Happiness proceeds success. If you truly believe that statement. And I mean you should because its not only proven in trials but also makes sense in the real world too, then you should do everything in your power from TODAY to make yourself HAPPY!

Greater than Happiness & Time

freedomAbove I’ve talked a lot about increasing the time and happiness you have from quitting a job you dislike. The video talks about how “work” is the majority of your life, yet there is something even greater than both happiness and time. Which I know is a bold statement and it is the following: FREEDOM.

Being free to do what you want is one of lives greatest gifts. Without being illegal, we are literally free to do whatever we want to do. We can go anywhere, do anything, swim, run, jump, crawl, bite, eat, drink whatever we want. Heck there are even things you can do that are out of this world. But one of the greatest components to the entire “quit your job” part of doing things is the freedom you have a result.

gym-leggingsThere is just so much more to life than working. Work should not be well… Work. It should be something you enjoy doing. Whether that is working on a business, or simply in a position in a job that you actually enjoy. Don’t just do something “for the money” or “for the future”. A friend of mine is now a professional model, did it happen overnight? No of course not and was it the type of modelling she wanted initially. Nope, but its getting closer and closer every shoot. She now does gym leggings modelling for companies like Ghost Fitness (pictured right) and is incredibly talented at it. Just put your mind to something and you will achieve it!

What you do with that freedom is totally up to you. Chances are part of it will need to revolve around making money to support yourself or your family, but as I mentioned in the first part of the post, there are so many things you can do now that have both enjoyment for yourself and will result in money too! It’s just finding that balance. That is what this blog is going to be about. I hope you enjoy it!